Joining 512kb.club!

Last week, I came across a really cool project called 512kb.club. They are promoting and listing websites which has a total size of 512kb or less. I absolutely loved it. In today’s world, it’s hard to see people giving a priority to the site load time.

With the increased usage of JS frameworks, the load times of websites have increased alot. I agree, JS provides a lot of dynamic features. But we are just sacrificing the load time for it.

Anyway, so I wanted to test the size of my site. Cloudflare has a really good tool called radar which analyses the site and returns a bunch of analytics along with the size of your site.

Here is my scan:

11.98kB. Quite small.

I opened up a PR and now I am listed on 512kb.club. There are also 2 more clubs, 250kb.club and 1mb.club. Be sure to check them out as well!

That’s it for this one. Keep experimenting!