Taking notes for effective learning

I have been learning a lot of cool things lately and it was becoming a bit difficult to retain all the information that I had learnt.

So I thought of taking some rough notes to see if it could help me in any way.

In the process, I was looking for a good note taking app. The popular ones such as notion, obsidian, etc seemed like a really good choice.

But then, I stumbled upon anytype. It had all the features I needed such as:

It’s like markdown on steroids.



Now, some of you might even say that “just use markdown”. That would be a lot simpler and save you a ton of time. I agree. But I find anytype a lot better than just plain markdown.


I never thought that taking notes could help me understand something on a deeper level, especially when you are reading docs or any kind of other reading material.

Writing the topics in my own words with a simpler way to understand was the key thing.

One major drawback is that you have to spend a lot of time writing and formating the notes. For me, formatting is a crucial part as it helps me visually understand the topic in a better way.

I am thinking of making a repository on my git instance if anyone is interested in checking out my notes. Many of them are incomplete yet, so as soon as they are finished, I will update this post.